Letter from Darryl to Kevin on the CD

Singer-Songwriter Heaven

The Songs of Kevin Faherty


Dear Kevin,

Surprise. It's done. Your wife Donna was in on it the whole way, very helpful. (I hope you can still trust her after this) Sonnie B helped a lot too, and Tom K offered some sage advice along the way. I thought about going outside the 'circle' for artists, but in the end, as you can see from the list, these generous souls are all good friends of yours. I would tell you that you have a lot of beers to buy, but you have always bought the beer. Here’s a few more to put on your beer list - Paul Z, Nancy T, and David G. Also - Ellis and Sharon deserve special thanks for the cover.

I consider these tracks to be the strongest collection of unrecorded songs on earth. It was a sin that they hadn't been heard outside a lucky Kerrville campfire or some insiders-only song circle in Nashville. Now all is forgiven.

Enjoy, feel the love, you deserve it.

With Great Affection,