Singer-Songwriter Heaven

The Songs of Kevin Faherty

photo by cheryl duckett




“SINGER-SONGWRITER HEAVEN, the songs of Kevin Faherty”

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Executive Producer: Darryl Purpose

Mastering: David Glasser, Airshow

Design: Nancy Terzian: Buckinghorse Design

Liner Notes: Paul Zollo

Additional notes from the artists compiled by Paul ZolloAditional_Notes_from_Paul_Zollo.htmlAditional_Notes_from_Paul_Zollo.htmlAditional_Notes_from_Paul_Zollo.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

cover art by ellis paul and sharon teeler

Darryl talks about Singer-Songwriter Heaven with Sheila Stratton of the Joy Factor

back row: Jim Stevens, Dana Cooper, Kevin, Darryl, Diana Jones, Buddy Mondlock. front row: Janne Armstrong, Sally Barris, Andy Scheinman, Pierce Pettis. in the very front: Tom Kimmel